• Overview

Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring is a complex undertaking, with comprehensive legal ramifications that must be addressed proactively in order to avoid significant issues further into the process. Kilpatrick Townsend’s Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Group is recognized throughout the United States for its ability to negotiate and structure realistic business solutions to complex financial problems, both in and out of court. The team has played a major role in representing clients in some of the largest bankruptcy cases in the United States.

In addition, now more than ever, businesses find themselves involved in multiple bankruptcy or workout situations. These entities have concluded that the engagement of a national bankruptcy counsel to represent their interests is ideal. Kilpatrick Townsend fulfills the role of national bankruptcy counsel for a number of entities. As national counsel, we are able to protect our clients’ interests in any bankruptcy or insolvency proceeding in which they find themselves with the extra benefit of having a strong understanding of the client's culture and needs. This allows the firm to work to tailor solutions for individual situations that work best for a client's overall business plan.

Because many of the attorneys’ bankruptcy and financial restructuring practices are founded on experience in general business, commercial finance and real estate, they have a practical understanding of the business issues faced by their clients in addition to the legal issues involved in such representations. In addition, the Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring Team works closely with, supports, and is supported by the firm’s Litigation, Finance, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Tax, and Corporate practices, as well as other teams.

Members of the Team have represented:

  • Creditors’ Committees
  • Debtors
  • Trustees
  • Examiners
  • Lenders
  • Equity Committees
  • Indenture Trustees
  • Purchasers and Prospective Purchasers
  • Major Trade Creditors and Critical Vendors
  • Majority Shareholders

What We Do

Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring