Over the past several years, the focus on corporate governance standards applicable to public companies has increased dramatically as deficiencies in the area have been repeatedly highlighted in the media.

We counsel management teams, boards of directors, special purpose board committees and other clients on a myriad of corporate governance and other regulatory or ethical compliance matters. We not only help our clients understand the implications of the governance requirements or challenges they face, but also help them develop strategies for compliance and avoidance of future problems. Notwithstanding the presence of several fundamental standards and approaches to address many sensitive matters, each corporate governance or compliance situation is likely to be unique in some important respect. As a result, flexibility and creativity are essential to developing an appropriately customized strategy and plan for effective resolution of many situations.

We regularly advise clients on a broad range of complex or sensitive governance or compliance issues, including:

  • Audit committee practices
  • Public disclosure regimes and officer certifications
  • Insider trading rules and procedures
  • Shareholder interaction and initiatives
  • Board structure, composition and processes
  • Fiduciary duties under corporate and other state laws
  • Stock market listing compliance
  • Codes of ethics or conduct and other related party transaction protocols
  • Overall corporate governance guidelines and compliance programs

In addition to providing legal services, our attorneys regularly speak to senior officers and directors of public companies, as well as at seminars and other instructional programs, on Sarbanes-Oxley and related corporate governance initiatives. We often team with "Big 4" accounting firms, the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), and other organizations active in the corporate governance arena to exchange perspectives on corporate governance practices and initiatives and to advance learning generally on how corporate America is responding to reforms. Through these activities, we are able to supplement our legal advice with valuable perspectives on national and industry-specific trends.

Corporate Governance

Experience Highlights

Not-for-profit law advice for Breeders’ Cup Limited
Advised the not-for-profit Breeders’ Cup Limited, a thoroughbred horse race operator, on New York not-for-profit law, leading to a reorganization of more
Development of cutting edge issues in corporate governance and compliance for the world's largest in-house bar association
Advised the world's largest in-house bar association on cutting edge corporate governance and compliance issues. more
Advice to an independent committee of board of directors of a private company
Represented an independent committee of the board of directors of a large private company, that was formed to investigate and to decide what to do in more
In re Friedman’s, Inc.
Representation of Friedman's Inc. and Crescent Jewelers Inc., a leading U.S. operator of jewelry stores, as lead debtors' counsel in more

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